How to use this site
Section: How to use this website

This section provides guidance on how to make the most of this website and its navigation features.

(This is the landing page of the MHAHS website)

MHAHS website structure

The MHAHS site has four distinct sections which are listed on the main menu.

  • Multilingual HIV and viral Hepatitis Factsheets
  • Health Care Workers
  • Media Centre and
  • MHAHS Co-workers

Multilingual HIV and viral Hepatitis Factsheets: In this section you will find our HIV and viral hepatitis factsheets in a number of languages. Factsheets can be accessed in any of the listed languages simply by clicking on the desired language. This allows you to switch between languages while reading the same factsheet.

Health Care Workers: In this section you will find a range of articles, documents and links to inform and support work with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

Media Centre: This section is for people working in the ethnic media. In this section you will find our campaign materials such as media releases, statistics, photographs, campaign schedules, to support your media work.

MHAHS Co-workers: This section is exclusive to our MHAHS Co-workers. You need a password to enter this section. Here you will find information about our Co-Worker's activities, their schedules as well as resources to support their work at MHAHS.


Left hand menu bar


Some information can be accessed from every menu bar on the left.

Finding services: In every State and Territory in Australia, there are organisations and services that can provide you with health care, information and support. Clicking on the FINDING SERVICES button will help you to find a service near you.

About MHAHS: This section details who we are, what we do and how you can contact us.

Ordering resources: This section contains details of all our free resources and their order forms.

Links: Here you will find links to HIV and hepatitis organisations in Australia and overseas.

How to search documents and information on the MHAHS website

There are several different ways to find what you are looking for on our website.

Search by Section:
This is a global menu bar located on the top to help navigate the four main sections of our site.

Search by keyword

Use the Search Box at the top right of the MHAHS website to perform a keyword search that will find matching pages and documents.


Initially this will return all possible matches from across the main MHAHS website, sorted in language order with most recent publications at the top of the list. You can choose to sort these results 'by relevance' to change the order of priority given to matches.

Search by Site map

A site map function at the bottom of each page will guide you on how we have arranged our contents on this website.


Other website features


MHAHS Logo located at the top left hand corner of each page. Clicking in this area will take you back to the main landing page with all the language selection.


Print PDF Option - This allows for the current document to be printed correctly. The PDF document will print on its own without the surrounding items found on the screen. Do not use the print option from the menu found at the top of your screen as it will NOT allow you to print.


Font Size Adjuster: This function allows the user to increase or decrease the font size of the site. Choose your preferred text size by clicking on the +A Larger, A default, -A smaller icons.


Website requirements

Language setting for the browser

Unicode is the world’s standard for encoding text, MHAHS website is a multi-languages site with more than 25 languages. If you are using Window 2000, you already have a Unicode-aware system along with special tools. If you’re using another operating system, please set your browsers’ character encoding in Unicode (UTF-8) to view most of the languages.


Acrobat reader

Acrobat reader is required to view part of MHAHS documents which was designed with embed PDF function.


MP3 player

Some contents facility with audio function in MP3 player.
It is recommended to download the latest version of audio players. For example: Real player.


Give us feedback

Please contact us if you encounter any technical issue that has prevented you from viewing a page or document, including any of the following:

  • Error message appears on the page
  • Link is broken and cannot view the page properly
  • Problems of downloading the PDF
  • Any suggestion you would like to share.


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