A new emoji video is encouraging testing this HIV Testing Week (1-7 June). Produced by Pozhet NSW in collaboration with the Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS), the Never tested for HIV? video features a popular digital icon asking people if they had been tested for HIV.

Emojis are a simple and fun way to connect with others, according to Natali Smud, Senior Health Promotion Officer at the MHAHS.

“By adding the emoji to the video, we hope to inspire people to share the information and spark a conversation about HIV testing. HIV testing is easy and private. Get tested today,” said Natali Smud.
The video available in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish is further complemented by a new Testing Options web page on the MHAHS website detailing HIV testing services including anonymous services and those not requiring a Medicare card.

“Lack of health information makes people vulnerable. By addressing the needs of disadvantaged groups, the Testing Options web page reduces health disparities by increasing access to vital HIV testing and care,” said Natali Smud.

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