How to take action on hepatitis B

How members of the community can take action on hepatitis B

No matter who you are and what your health condition, you can take action on hepatitis B. Here are some easy tips, suggestions, and resources that you and your networks can use to help prevent hepatitis B.

Get the Facts about hepatitis B and learn how to take steps to protect your health and loved ones. Then, share this life-saving information with others.

Get Tested and #KnowYourHepatitisBStatus

It is estimated nearly one in two persons living with hepatitis B don’t know they have it. Getting a hepatitis B test, knowing your hepatitis B status, and encouraging your friends, family, and community to do the same are important steps in reducing the impact of hepatitis B.

Get vaccinated if you aren’t protected against hepatitis B

Hepatitis B can be prevented with a safe and effective vaccine that has been available since 1982. In Australia, the hepatitis B vaccination program commenced in 1988, targeting groups at particularly high risk of infection. It is now recommended that all babies and adolescents be vaccinated against hepatitis B. The program continues and ensures that babies and adolescents have access to free hepatitis B vaccine.

Support a Person Living With hepatitis B

When people affected by chronic health conditions such as viral hepatitis were asked how friends, partners or people in their community can support them or encourage others to stay hepatitis B negative, their answers were always the same. Understanding. Acceptance. Respect.

Understanding. That people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are more affected by chronic hepatitis B than others.

Acceptance. See the person, not the disease. Treat people living with hepatitis B as people and not as disease spreading agents.

Respect. Treat people living with hepatitis B with the same respect and humanity with which, ideally, we treat everyone.

The Campaign in the Community

Download hepatitis B information resources

See our hepatitis B and other free, downloadable resources to spread the word in your community and help raise awareness about the impact of hepatitis B, the importance of hepatitis B testing, monitoring and treatment, and how we can work together to increase support for people living with hepatitis B.

Ask your local library and media about the issue

As a consumer, you can request your local library and media outlets to have more information about issues you are interested in such as hepatitis B and other health issues.