Supporting Mental Health Month: We All Have a Role to Play

Supporting Mental Health Month: We All Have a Role to Play

In October 2023, Population Health joined hands with the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in New South Wales to support Mental Health Month. The "We all have a role to play" campaign aimed to raise awareness about mental health and services, aligning with the theme of World Mental Health Day, "Our minds, our rights."

From October 9-15, the campaign targeted ten priority communities in NSW: Arabic-speaking, Bangla, Chinese-speaking, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Nepalese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese communities.

It was amplified through a Mental Health Month Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and Social Media messages, showcasing an array of valuable resources.

Campaign participants had the opportunity to:

  • Gain Essential Skills: By enrolling in the Mental Health First Aid course, individuals learned how to identify, assist, and support those in need, becoming a lifeline rather than a bystander.
  • Explore Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Discovering the connection between nutrition and mental health became possible through tailored education sessions for adults 60+, available in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
  • Experience Mindfulness Wellbeing: Multicultural Mindfulness audio tracks, available in various languages, helped enhance mental wellbeing. An interview with relaxation facilitator Sue Bryne provided deeper insights.
  • Access multilingual mental health resources.