Let Communities Lead: World AIDS Day 2023 champions Inclusion, Respect, and Equity

On December 1, as the world observes World AIDS Day, we shine a light on the crucial role communities play in ending HIV transmission. This year's global theme, "Let Communities Lead," underscores the strength of community work in the global fight against HIV.

"The 2023 Australian campaign theme, 'Inclusion, Respect, Equity,' highlights the pressing need to make HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services more inclusive," says Barbara Luisi, Manager of the Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS). Our goal is to tackle HIV stigma and ensure that these services are accessible to all, including individuals from diverse backgrounds.

"HIV remains a public health concern in Australia, with over 29,000 people living with HIV," warns Barbara Luisi. "These communities are more likely to miss timely HIV services, but it's essential to know that HIV treatment is available for free, even if you don't have a Medicare card."

To support this campaign, MHAHS is promoting its award-winning resource, "HIV: What you need to know," available in eight languages. The e-booklet can be downloaded from the MHAHS website, and free hard copies are available to order. Supporters can also download a toolkit on the range of multilingual resources available and how to support the campaign.

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Supporting Mental Health Month: We All Have a Role to Play

In October 2023, Population Health joined hands with the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in New South Wales to support Mental Health Month. The "We all have a role to play" campaign aimed to raise awareness about mental health and services, aligning with the theme of World Mental Health Day, "Our minds, our rights."

From October 9-15, the campaign targeted ten priority communities in NSW: Arabic-speaking, Bangla, Chinese-speaking, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Nepalese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese communities.

It was amplified through a Mental Health Month Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) and Social Media messages, showcasing an array of valuable resources.

Campaign participants had the opportunity to:

  • Gain Essential Skills: By enrolling in the Mental Health First Aid course, individuals learned how to identify, assist, and support those in need, becoming a lifeline rather than a bystander.
  • Explore Nutrition and Healthy Eating: Discovering the connection between nutrition and mental health became possible through tailored education sessions for adults 60+, available in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.
  • Experience Mindfulness Wellbeing: Multicultural Mindfulness audio tracks, available in various languages, helped enhance mental wellbeing. An interview with relaxation facilitator Sue Bryne provided deeper insights.
  • Access multilingual mental health resources.
HIV Roundtable images

NSW HIV Roundtable 2023

The HIV Roundtable event was held on 10 August 2023, at Canterbury Hurlstone-Park RSL. The event brought together health professionals, multicultural community leaders and Ministry of Health staff to create a platform for share knowledge and community perspectives, with the goal of improving access to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment for CALD communities. 

The discussions were lively and informative, and emphasised the need to bundle HIV information with broader health information; optimise on partnerships with faith leaders and CALD community leaders; unite health services; address accessibility, confidentiality, and discretion concerns around HIV.

 Watch the NSW HIV Roundtable highlights.

Image of HIV roundtable video

Celebrating Cultural Diversity and Health: Every Move Counts in 2023 Multicultural Health Week

Population Health is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming 2023 Multicultural Health Week, taking place from September 4 to 10. This year, the focus is on embracing cultural diversity through the joy of physical movement under the theme "Every Move Counts."

The campaign aims to highlight key health programs that promote physical activity and well-being within the African, Arabic-speaking, Bangla, Chinese-speaking, Indonesian, Italian, Mongolian, Nepali, and Vietnamese communities residing in the Sydney Local Health District.

Highlighted Services:

•    Stepping On Program: This evidence-based, seven-week program is tailored for individuals at risk of falls or those who have experienced falls in the past year. Available in multiple languages, it aims to prevent falls in older community members. Click here

•    Chronic Pain Management Program: Designed to empower participants in understanding and managing chronic pain, this program enhances life quality and emotional well-being through self-management skills. Sessions are available in Arabic, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Click here

•    Nutrition and Healthy Eating Education: Culturally tailored nutrition sessions are provided by Diversity Programs and Strategy Hub to improve the nutrition knowledge of adults aged 60 and above. Available in multiple languages, these sessions aim to prevent chronic diseases and support healthy aging. Click here

•    Healthy and Active for Life Program Delivery Training: Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and fitness professionals can partake in training to facilitate the Healthy and Active for Life program. The program explores the connection between healthy aging, culture, and movement. Click here

Join us during the 2023 Multicultural Health Week as we celebrate the vibrant cultural diversity within our communities, embracing the power of movement for a healthier, more connected future.