Sua fa sԑdeԑ yԑne mpↄtam a wↄn ho aka no nkutahodie a yԑnam so de reboa wↄn ama wↄahunu sԑdeԑ wↄn bԑhwԑ HIV ne Hepatitis a ԑnam mmoawa so ba no fa ho adeԑ.

Yԑne mpↄtam hↄfoↄ no di nkutaho wↄ akwan pii a ԑde obuo ma wↄn amammerԑ ne wↄn nneԑma a wↄn ani ku ho no so.

Apomuden Adwumayԑfoↄ

Health Care Workers

Hwehwԑ nsԑm a ԑfa kasa ahodoↄ ne apomuden mpuntuo ho akadeԑ ho na ԑmmoa wo wↄ w’adwuma a wone atukↄtenafoↄ ne wↄn a wↄabↄ wↄn ho adwaa reyԑ no.

Yԑne wo bԑtumi ayԑ adwuma de ama wo nhyehyԑeԑ a woyԑ ma amammerԑ ahodoↄ mufoↄ no akↄ kan.



Hwԑ mmoa ahodoↄ ne akadeԑ ahodoↄ a yԑde rema dawurubↄfoↄ nnansa yi no, dwumadie no ho nsԑm, nkontabuo ne nhyehyԑeԑ a ԑwↄ hↄ ma dawurubↄfoↄ wↄ amanneԑbↄ mu.

Kↄ yԑn Diversity News amanneԑbↄ no mu na fa wo ho hyԑ mu na hunu nneԑma foforↄ biara a ԑbԑba wↄ MHAHS kaseԑbↄ ahodoↄ nyinaa ho.

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  • MHAHS Presents Paper at Perth ASHM Conference

    MHAHS Presents Paper at Perth ASHM Conference

    30 September 2019

    MHAHS was well-represented at the Joint 2019 Australasian Sexual Health and HIV Conference, held in Perth, WA, from 16-19 September.Donatella Cifali, one of our Senior Social Workers, presented a paper titled Stigma, equity and choice:...

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  • MHAHS wins commendation award

    MHAHS wins commendation award

    30 September 2019

    The Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service was recently awarded Highly Commended  for their “Hepatitis B: Could it be me? ASK. TEST. TREAT" project at the Multicultural Health Communication Awards Ceremony at NSW Parliament House on...

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